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Use Active Fitness for all your activities: running, cycling, snow-sports, urban sports, such as skateboarding or rollerblading, water sports and more...

Millions of users and growing...

Simply run the app, and you can train, compete and follow trails with your friends and people from all over the world.

Personal Trainer

Active Fitness includes training lessons for many activities: running, cycling, walking, and snow-sports: skiing, snowboarding, cross-country.

“Active Fitness joins Nokia Collection could easily become our favorite fitness app.”(more...)

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“I use Active Fitness every day, challenging myself and my friends, running, hiking, cycling, skiing, rollerblading... Check personal training and leaderboards to find your challenge.”

Kevin Ashley | Microsoft

Sensor Kit

Open source sensor for sports scientists and sports enthusiasts Sensor Kit

Open Source

Sensor Kit is open source, and is intended for sports scientists and enthusiasts: Sensor Kit. Built with open source hardware and specs, it's open for app developers and includes built-in integration with Active Fitness.


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